About me

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Greetings to all of you that decided to grace this blog with your presence. It is my intention that all of you leave this page having an understanding of me as an author as well as having an appreciation for African and Deaf Culture.

As far back as she can remember, Katrina always loved books. She remembers taking what seems to be a journey to the local library with her brothers to complete their annual summer book report assigned by their mother.

Years later while attending Valdosta State University, Katrina was required to took a READ 4100 course. In this class, an assignment titled, "Books of a Common Thread" required her to choose 50 related books of choice and write a brief synopsis. With her major being special education, she decided to choose books that displayed characters with disabilities. While shifting through the books on the shelves of the town's local library, she noticed that there were not a lot of books that shined a positive light on characters, whether people or animals with disabilities; especially those that were deaf. She found herself  feeling flustered while sitting on the floor of children section of the library. All of a sudden, an internal light began to flicker. 

After completing her undergraduate studies in Special Education and returning to Valdosta State University to complete her graduate studies in Deaf Education, that light continued to flicker softly. It wasn't until she had one of her many talks with her father about drumming and African Culture when that soft light turned into a roaring flame.